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How to create a Meadow

How to create a meadow?

  1. Rotavate or lightly plough to a depth of a few centimetres followed by harrowing to produce an area like that in the photograph below.
  2. Prepare a seed mix of 1.5 g/m2 (wildflower seed only) for soil, and preferably sow in late October. Use a perennial seed mix. Mix seed with wet sand and broadcast across the site by hand, ideally rolling or trampling in afterwards (schools are good for this task). Sow twice if possible at 90 degree angle to create a homogeneous cover, the second sowing 2 weeks after the first (different sowing dates = longer meadow flowering). We would recommend Emorsgate seed mixes as follows.

    EM4F – Wildflower only for clay soils

    EM6F – Chalk & limestone EM7F – Sandy soils

    Other companies and seed mixes are available.

  3. If you have sown the meadow in autumn (recommended) cut early April to a height of 50 mm. The next cut will not be until September.

    Spot spray thistles and docks during growing period using a herbicide such as Roundup Round Up

    In September cut to a height of 100mm and allow arisings to remain in situ for 2 weeks. After the seed has fallen, collect and remove all the meadow cuttings.

    If you have used a perennial seed mix then repeat steps 2-5 in year two. If you are using an annual seed mix then you must rotavate and harrow each year.

    If you have used a perennial seed mix then repeat steps 3-5 in subsequent years

Creating a meadow
How to create a meadow